Tajpi – Esperanto keyboard

In the Esperanto alphabet, there are six diacritical letters which cannot be typed with regular Windows keyboard layouts. Tajpi is a program that lets you type these letters with ease and without modifying your system keymap. Tajpi has been tested for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. It was created by Thomas James and is free (under GNU General Public License). www.zz9pza.net/tajpi/en is the official Tajpi website.

With Tajpi running you can enter combinations like like sx, gh, ^u and others, and they will be automatically replaced by the appropriate Esperanto letter. You can also configure your keyboard so that an Esperanto letter appears immediately when pressing a certain key, simulating a keyboard remap. It’s also possible to use Alt Gr or simulate the “dead keys” which exist in many standard keyboard layouts. Tajpi also has a basic scripting language providing more advanced configuration, as well as utilities to convert to and from the so-called X-system or input any Unicode character upon pressing a configured keystroke.

While Tajpi is running an icon sits in the notification area (system tray) which shows the status of the program. Tajpi will make absolutely no changes to your system; it just sits in the background and responds to keyboard input.

Download the installation file

Elŝutu Tajpi de tajpi298inst.exe. This file and the installation procedure has been checked by us in September 2022. It seems to work just fine on the latest Windows 11.

Some antivirus programs treat Tajpi as malware because it watches the keyboard (in the same way as a malicious program might snoop on a user’s typing), but it’s nothing to worry about. You can usually get around the issue by telling your antivirus program to ignore Tajpi, thereby setting it up as an exception. Tajpi is software that can be trusted.

Microsoft SmartFilter might prevent you to download and install Tajpi. If you experience any problems, please deactivate it before installing Tajpi.

Are you facing difficulties? Contact us; we are glad to help you install and configure Tajpi.

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